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Deep Root Injection Experts-Pro Tree Trimming & Removal Team of Boca Raton

Boca Raton Pro Tree Trimming and Removal Team is the best company to contact in Boca Raton if your trees are exhibiting abnormalities such as a decline in performance, wilting of leaves, yellowing of leaves, undersized leaves, and any other signs that indicate the trees are not okay. We have ISA-certified arborists who you can rely on to properly diagnose the trees for the problems that they experience. With a proper diagnosis, a remedy will be found.

In many cases, trees decline because they can’t get enough nutrients from the soil. Trees require certain vital minerals from the soil upon which they grow to sustain their growth and development. If the soil cannot provide it, then the property owner should find a way to artificially supplement what the soil can offer. This is normally done through deep root injection. This is a method that is designed to provide what the trees are exactly missing. You don’t have to add an excess of the minerals into the soil as you might poison the trees and other shrubs that you have on your property, and that is why deep root fertilization is done only by professionals.

Why is deep root injection preferred over other methods?

Tree experts will tell you that this method is very many times more efficient than any other fertilization method that you can think of. As professional arborists, we also agree with this fact that if you want to save your trees from malnutrition, then get an expert for deep root feeding as it is the only proven method that works and with 100% results guaranteed.

We offer top-notch tree care and maintenance services which also include deep root injection. When we confirm that your trees are malnourished, then we will prepare a special solution that is injected into the root zone of the plant. The solution is a mixture of different minerals that are needed by the plants in the right proportions. The formula for preparing it is derived from the soil tests and analyses that are performed at earlier stages. It is something that we have done for more than 30 years now. So, it is not a matter of luck. It is knowledge and experience that come into play for the success of the process.

Deep root injection is more beneficial to trees than the traditional methods of fertilization. This is so because the nutrients are supplied directly to the root zone of the trees where they can be easily and readily absorbed by the roots as opposed to the traditional fertilization where the fertilizer is put on the surface. Sometimes the natural causes that the traditional method depends on to take the fertilizer to the root zones fail. It will be a waste of your resources and time. The traditional method also does not consider the exact minerals that the trees are lacking. So, it is basically a matter of luck or trial and error.

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