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Tree Bracing & Tree Cabling Experts-Pro Tree Trimming & Removal Team of Boca Raton

Tree bracing & tree cabling is the installation of steel cables and rods on trees to strengthen damaged or weak structures. This helps the tree to withstand external forces such as winds apart from just carrying its own weight. Some people may opt for excessive pruning or trimming when their trees have structural defects to reduce the weight of the crown. While that works, it has the side effect of stressing the tree and may also ruin the natural shape of the tree. Excess pruning and trimming are both done with the hope that the tree will naturally heal over time and what if it never happens? Will you remove your tree from the property?

Protect your trees from structural failure by getting experts from Boca Raton Pro Tree Trimming and Removal Team to install cables and rods on your trees. It is the only sure way that will add your trees to more than 10 years of life. We have experts with many years of hands-on experience in carrying out this task. Don’t see it as an easy task and attempt it on your own. Let us put it clear that it is something that you cannot do. Just leave it to our professionals who will not even charge you much to do it for you. It is a risky exercise that can result in damages that you never thought of. Our arborists and technicians are all experienced in using steel cables to reinforce the structural strength of various tree species. What you have on your lawn will not be a problem for us.

What is tree bracing and cabling all about?

We are not going to discuss the technicalities of this process because the article was not meant to teach you how to do it, but we will briefly highlight the major steps that are involved in doing it. When we come to your property, we will begin by doing a proper inspection of the tree in question to ascertain that the extra support is indeed needed. We will then get the right materials, which are normally stranded steel cables and steel rods. Sometimes cables or rods are sufficient, but all depend on the situation that your tree is in. We will then drill holes through the trunk, stem, or branch to be supported and also do the same to the supporting trunk, stem, or branch. What follows is the insertion of cables or rods through these holes which are then bolted on both ends to offer the support.

With our services, your tree will be added 10 extra years of living. That is what we guarantee. Cabling and bracing are supposed to last that long with, of course, yearly inspections. This is a step that should not be ignored. We should inspect it to know how they are doing after every year so that we can prevent any unexpected failure.

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